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Increase your scuba diving skills! If you have already done your starting scuba diving PADI course and you would like to get on in further steps, we suggest you to carry out the PADI course, Advanced Open Water Diver course in Gipuzkoa.

One of the reasons you will like the Advanced Open Water Diver course is because, together with our instructors, you will make a choice from among 15 types of adventure dives to finish the course.

Activity description

To join this course we are going to approach to Hondarribia harbour, just 30 minutes from San Sebastian city. The course consists on 5 dives in which you ones you are going to grow up in trust and increase your diving skills, always with the supervision of one of our professional instructors. With this qualification, you will be able to make dives up to 30 meters deep.

Two of the dives are mandatory, underwater navigation and deep diving. Digital underwater photography, under ice diving, night diving, buoyancy control, dry suit diving,… are options whith which you could follow up this adventure pack. We are going to create the pack which best fits for you and for your learning.

In good weather and during warmth times, the most common adventures are usually the buoyancy and the night dive. When the cold season starts, we might become lazier to dive at night, so instead of the night diving, we usually do the fish identification, which covers one of the main objectives of diving: learning to enjoy marine life.

After having completed your advanced diving course in Gipuzkoa, you are going to obtain your Advanced Open Water Diver certification which one we will process for you at.

You will be provided with all the necessary materials for each dive. The center is prepared with showers and dressing rooms to make easier the operative. The dates for the course will be decided according to the group and its needs, we are flexible.

Diving is one of the most fascinating activities that can exist. It means moving to an unreal journey to the living universe of water.

Buceo en España
Buceo en la costa vasca
bucear en España
Bucear en España
Submarinismo en Guipúzcoa
PADI course – Advanced Open Water Diver in Hondarribia
Bucear en España
Experiencias de buceo en el País Vasco
Bautismo de buceo Guipúzcoa
Buceo en Hondarribia
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Things you should know

All along the year


Several days

Min & Max persons:

Group between 1 and 4 persons.


Minimun age to carry out PADI Advanced Open Water Diver course is 12 years old.
The activity includes insurance during the formation and also all the necessary materials. You only need your swimwear


PADI Certificate: 5 star PADI Center.
SAT SCUBAPRO Certificate: Repair and maintenance of Scubapro diving equipment.
SAT MARES certificate: Repair and maintenance of MARES diving equipment.


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