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Banana boat is the perfect activity to share with friends, colleagues and family. These holidays get on our banana boat in Gipuzkoa and let us challenge you!

It is considered among the safest and funniest activities to practice in the water. Safety regulations are respected and taken into account in all cases. To ride a banana boat you will be provided with a life jacket and a special helmet, you must also sign a simple agreement on good behavior in advance, a document with a code of conduct necessary to protect all the members of the expedition, ensuring respect among the team members and of course ensuring fun. In any case, banana boat is one of the least risky experiences we can choose during our holidays at the beach and one of the most enjoyable. It is a real classic among water activities.

Activity description

To rent a banana boat in Gipuzkoa we will approach to Hondarribia harbour, 30 minutes from the city. 15′ session banana boat in Hondarribia, at full speed, supervised by our captain, who will be in charge of skidding on the waves and cornering with the boat, making maneuvers so as to enjoy the fullest the activity.

Ride on the waves on the back of a giant banana, trying not to overturn while the driver will do everything to achieve vertiginous curves on the waves so that some, or all the participants, fall unfailingly into the water. The fall is unpredictable, you have to be prepared for the most improvised dip without drowning in laughter. Surely we will take more than an unexpected bath and if you want to resist, hold on very tight.

But … if you are shot, don’t worry. The activity has all the necessary safety equipment and this experience will be part of a funny anecdote to laugh at at the end of the day.

Are you ready?

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Things you should know

Minimum age to practice banana boat is 8 years old.
Minors under the age of 18 years old will need their parents authorization.
The activity includes insurance.


15 minutes.

Min & Max persons:

Minimum 5 participants, and maximum 10 participants.


Minimum age to practice banana boat is 8 years old.
Minors of 18 years old will need their parents authorization.The activity includes insurance.


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