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Is this your first experience on a sailboat? Being part of a sailing baptism in San Sebastian will be the perfect experience to be in contact with the sea and start sailing.

To participate in this activity you don’t need special skills or previus knowledge. Our first goal will be to observe and recognize from where the wind is blowing, with this information we are going to begin to trim the sails safetely.

You will see how the sails unfold themselves depending on the direction and intensity of the wind and above all you will fully enjoy the open air in the middle of the sea, and the sailing rythm.

During your sailing baptism in San Sebastian, you can profit to learn how to make the different knots used in nautical which ones we are going to practice at specific moments, such as hoisting the sails or doing the docking maneuvers.

If this pleasant initial training awakes the navigator in you, you can start thinking about obtaining your first navigation license taking also a sailing course.

While the sailing baptism trip takes place, you will become the skipper of the boat. You will decide the direction of the rudder and you will be able to drive it at your whim, following some tips and instructions from our professional skipper. You’ll be able to guide the boat enjoying the magnificent sea air and the wonderful sights, as long as you want.

Description of the activity

To carry out this activity we approach to San Sebastian harbour or instead to Hondarribia’s port. Sailing baptism is available only from November to March, Monadays to Thursdays. Timetable scheduled for the activity is since 10.30 am to 1.30 pm. A very economical offer, especially designed for a minimum of two participants.

Once embarked in the port, we will head north where with a bit of luck we can spot dolphins, later we are going to anchor in a beautiful cove or in La Concha Bay. We’ll a take a short break in which you may eat, recharge energy and if the body asks for,… take a bath!

During the route we are going to visit different fishing ports of the Basque coast, where we are going to share with you some Basque curiosities and traditions.

Desembarking will be at the same point as starting.

Shall we set sail? Do you ship with us?

Sailing baptism in San Sebastian
Sailing baptism in San Sebastian
Sailing baptism in San Sebastian
Sailing baptism in San Sebastian
Sailing baptism in San Sebastian
la concha regattas san sebastian
Sailing baptism in San Sebastian
Sailing baptism in San Sebastian
Sailing baptism in San Sebastian
Sailing baptism in San Sebastian
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Things you should know
San Sebastián

From November to March, Mondays to Thursdays, between 10.30 am to 1.30 pm.


3 hours.

Min & Max persons:

Maximum 11 passengers.
Recommended: 9 passengers.


The sailboat has "Family Friendly" label.
Suitable for traveling with children.


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