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Canoeing is one of the oldest navigation ways in humanity. From its origins, human beings adapted the trees logs to move inside them through the water courses. Then they improved and beautify the boats. Archaeological findings demonstrate this with for example, a pirogue with a silver oar over 6000 years old, which belonged to a Sumerian king. Nowadays, you have the opportunity to try this ancient way throught the canoe rental in San Sebastian.

Even though in Europe all these kinds of boats were known with the name of “canoe”, it was after Christopher Columbus when the name “pirogue”, originally from the American lands, was incorporated. Canoe rental in San Sebastian will allow you to verify in fact the different sensations offered by paddling in it.

Description of the activity

For the canoe rental in San Sebastian we approach to our center on the beach. You don’t need to worry about dragging the canoe into the sea for many meters. And… if you need help, just ask for it! It will be our pleasure to help you.

Minors should be accompanied by a monitor during the activity or instead of that by an adult. One monitor is able to be in charge of maximum 5 persons.

You can deal the rent for hours or during half a day or full day. If this is your first time we recommend you one hour rental, you can always add more hours if you wish.

We suggest visiting Santa Clara island take there, in the bar, a short break to recharge energy and then going on enjoying the activity. Take advantage of the island jetty to park your canoe as long as you need. From the island you will have privileged viwes of San Sebastian city and its bay. The activity can be done individually or in couples, as you decide.

If what you are imagining is a journey with more adventurous flavor, paddling along a river, join us in another of our trips and let’s do the descent of the Oria river, very near from San Sebastian.

Are you ready?

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San Sebastián

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Your choice: 1 hour, half a day, full day.

Min & Max persons:

Máximo 2 personas por piragua.


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