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The Oria is a river full of tales and stories because, in the past, its course was well traveled by fishermen and merchants. Industries of different sizes proliferated on its banks and the inhabitants of its shores, with their boats, moved from one side to the other sailing the Oria. Therefore, the descent of the Oria river in a boat will be a unique and unforgettable experience that will fill you with knowledge.

Despite being the longest and most flowing aquifer in Gipuzkoa, their waters run quietly, turning the descent of the Oria into a placid sail. You will be able to see through the gentle current, whose health has been recovered in the last decades, trouts and salmon shoals among the native flora that sprouts under the river bed.

If you want to paddle the Oria River in a kayak, Big SUP, or carry out a “multirremo” (multi-row) experience, alternating one and the other, alone or with friends, you can also do it. We have different alternatives to rent a kayak depending on your wishes.

Description of the activity

To start this activity we approach to Arraunetxe, Rowing and Canoeing Technification Center in Orio.

We will change the appropriate clothing to move in the water and leave towards Aginaga. Probably this name sounds you familiar have you ever heard mention about Aginaga eels, haven’t you? In the important trajectory of the Oria river in relation to the populations of the place, Aginaga is synonymous with shipyards, carpenters on both shores, sandboxes, but above all, fishing for eels, txitxardina in local language.

Before getting into the water, the specialized guide will give the last explanations and tips to enjoy the activity, and we will begin the descent.

The main value of this journey through the river is the direct contact with nature provided with the undeniable flavor of adventure you will feel while progressing along the route. We suggest bringing something to snack on because we will go through tempting enclaves that will invite us to take a break.

You will have the opportunity to be in an idyllic landscape, surrounded by the people you want, as it will be a private activity only for you and the companions that you choose.

Descent of the Oria river
Descent of the Oria river
Descent of the Oria river
Descent of the Oria river
Descent of the Oria river
Descent of the Oria river
Descent of the Oria river
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Things you should know

Around 3 hours.

Min & Max persons:

Minimum 2 persons.
Maximum 25 persons.


Know how to swim.
Not pregnant.
No injuries.
Insurance in order included.


Bring a swimsuit, shower material, spare clothes, slippers/flip-flops with good support, sun cream and the wish to paddle.
Bring something to snack on.


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