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In this new and exciting adventure Escape Room in Gipuzkoa we bring you more mysteries and unknowns that you must solve. You will have to put all your ingenuity to the test to reach the end of the game. The Escape Room is a fun and very dynamic game in which a group is locked in a room in which they will have to decipher all the enigmas that the story hides. For about an hour you will have to enhance the imagination.

In this case, the game set in local mythology has a medium-high difficulty. The enigma has been designed by the pioneer Escape Room company in Gipuzkoa and designed to be solved by a group of 4 to 8 people.

Each game is set realistically according to the story. In this case, we will take you back to the most ancient times, to the ancient traditions and beliefs of Basque culture. You will meet Mari or Maddi, also known as Lady of Anboto, a divine and feminine being who inhabits all the peaks of the Basque mountains.

Mari is the personification of mother earth, queen of nature and all the elements that compose it. She generally appears with the body and face of a woman, elegantly dressed (usually in green). on the other hand, she can also appear in the hybrid form of a tree and a woman with goats’ legs and the claws of a bird of prey. She also as a woman of fire, a rainbow or a horse that drags the clouds. In the form of her woman, she appears with abundant blonde hair that combs in the sun, with a golden comb.

Dare to Discover All the Mysteries of Basque Mythology in the Escape Room in Gipuzkoa

To carry out the Escape Room game in Gipuzkoa we will meet in San Sebastian. Do not forget that Mari is in command of the forces of the inner climate of the earth. Among his missions is to punish lies, theft and pride. From it come the goods of the earth and the water of the springs.

During the adventure, you will discover the secrets and the best kept curiosities of the Basque Country and its mythology.

As you can see, this will be an hour long experience that mixes mythology, fun and culture. But if, after trying it, Mari’s long and golden mane has conquered you, we have another challenge for you in which The Lamias are the protagonists.

Do you dare discover the goddess of storms?

sala de escape san sebastian
Grupo de chicas en la puerta del Escape Room en Guipúzcoa
Escape Room in Gipuzkoa: Mari, the Goddess of Storms in Donostia
Escape Room in Gipuzkoa: Mari, the Goddess of Storms in Donostia
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Things you should know
San Sebastián

1 hour.

Min & Max persons:

4 to 8 participants.


Pioneer company in Escape Room in San Sebastián and with a greater diversity of games.


2 people: € 55
3 people: € 60
4 people: € 70
5 people: € 80
6 people: € 96


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