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This Escape Room game in Donostia will transport us to relive one of the most deeply rooted Basque Country mythological traditions.

The Escape Room is a physical and mental adventure game that consists of locking a group of players in a room, where they must solve puzzles and all kinds of riddles to unravel a story and escape before the time available ends, normally 60 minutes.

The story of Basque people tells that at the beginning was all darkness and the goddess Ama Lur (Earth) gave away to the men her two daughters Eguzki (the sun) and Ilargi (the moon). However, despite the light of Eguzki and Ilargi, the men’s nights continued filling with galtzagorris and lamias. The evil elves used to provoke electrical storms besides Mari, the goddess of storms’ hand, they used to bring illness and took the little ones away. Because of this Ama Lur granted men the Eguzkilore.

Description of the activity

Through this interesting Escape Room in Donostia, full of suspense, we will enter deeply in the legend of this magical flower, so beautiful that the beings of the night misconfused it with the sun itself. Human beings decided to hang it in front of their homes doors and when an evil genius got there he had to stop and count each of the leaves or hairs of the flower. So, counting, counting, dawn rose up and he had to leave.

In this opportunity, the Escape Room in Donostia will give you, during an hour, the chance to take into your soul part of the Basque essence. An experience that mixes mythology, suspense, fun and culture. You will have to sharpen your senses, perhaps resort to the ancient light of Eguzkilore, work as a team with your companions and manage to get free yourself together, from the evil spirits, before midnight falls.

During the aventure and while you’ll be solving all the unknowns we have prepared for you, you will find out the best kept secrets and curiosities of the Basque Country and its mythology.

¡Tic-tac, tic-tac!

Escape Room in Donostia: looking for the Eguzkilore
Escape Room in Donostia: looking for the Eguzkilore
Escape Room in Donostia: looking for the Eguzkilore
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Things you should know
San Sebastián

1 hour.

Min & Max persons:

Between 2 and 6 participants.


Pioneering company in Escape Room in San Sebastian with greater diversity of games.


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