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Travel back in time and experience firsthand the beginnings of this city’s existence participating in a challenging Escape Room in Donostia-San Sebastian. There are several options to play Escape Room in the province of Gipuzcoa. In this case, we will do it, moving to its origins.

The Escape Room is a physical and mental adventure game which consists of locking a group of players in a room. There, they will have to solve all kinds of puzzles and riddles to unravel a story. Only if they can decipher the unknowns before the available time, normally 60 minutes, they can be released. Sometimes the activity following footprints and solving riddles is carried out outside.

Each Escape Room game is set in a completely different background, it makes that every activity gets its own charm. In this case, our Escape Room game in Donostia-San Sebastian, will take us to the Izurun monastery. The monastery dates from the early XI century. According to documents, it was then, more than a thousand years ago, one of the first mentions of the genesis of Donostia.

If you want to delve further into the remote past of the Basque people and their beliefs, we invite you to look together for the Eguzkilore, the protective flower. If what you wish is an outdoor Escape Room, then let’s play a Escape Street through San Sebastian streets, and let’s go after the watch merchant.

Description of the activity

To enjoy this game we head to the neighbourhood known nowadays as “el antiguo” in Donostia downtown. According to documents, it was here where king Sancho the Major from Pamplona donated the monastery which was the center of social and spiritual life of the parishioners. Izurun used to be a small fishermen and farmers community. Later, another Pamplona king, Sancho the Wise, settled down officially the city of San Sebastián, 2 kilometers from Izurun and at the base of Mount Urgull.

During this experience we will enter into the fantastic reality of that past. Throughout an hour in which history, magic, fun and culture will be mixed, we will have to sharpen all the senses and work as a team to win the race to the clock.

Going through this adventure we’ll find out best-kept San Sebastian city secrets and curiosities, since earliest documents dating from 1104 to the designation of the city as the European Capital in 2016.

If you want to take in your memory an exciting experience that you will never forget, discover San Sebastián through this Escape Room experience. Lose yourself in the riddles of one of the most beautiful cities in the world and reveal its mysteries.

Will you manage to solve all the unknowns in time?

Escape Room in Donostia-San Sebastian: Izurun
escape room izurun
Escape Room in Donostia-San Sebastian: Izurun
Escape Room in Donostia-San Sebastian: Izurun
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Things you should know
San Sebastián

1 hour.

Min & Max persons:

Between 2 and 5 persons.


Pioneer company in Escape Room in San Sebastián with greater diversity of games.


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