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We are going to enter into the wonderful Basque mythological world. In this Escape Room in Gipuzcoa you will be the victim of the lamias’ spell. Lamias are magical beings, female creatures, with long hair and a so dazzling beauty that any young man would fall rendered to her duck feet or goat’s hooves.

With this Escape Room adventure in Gipuzcoa we are inviting you to deeply enter in a fantastic universe of lush forests, next to the rivers, springs and streams where lamias usually wash their clothes at night, sit and weave in their spinning wheels, or smooth their long golden mane with a gold comb. Don’t try to touch this comb, much less to try to put it into your pocket if you do not want to unleash the lamia fury. They hate theft, lies, dishonest attitudes and against them they can use their evil powers.

With this Escape Room adventure in Gipuzcoa, your curiosity about lamias’ life and customs will never end. Let’s yourself being taken with caution by their stories and share with the lamia your cider and your bacon, when the storm is coming nearer, the grateful lamia will protect you from lightning. Surely Basque mythology will trap you and if you have already shared this evening with the lamias you will want a meeting with the supreme goddess Mari. To protect yourself against evil spirits and their spells, another Escape Room riddle will need to be cracked, find the eguzkilore.

Description of the activity

You will have one hour to solve the physical and mental challenge of this Escape Room in Gipuzcoa. Like every game of this nature, the stage will be set for the occasion. This time it will transport us to the enchanting background of Basque mythology.

This is an activity of medium difficulty. An hour-long experience that mixes magic, fun, suspense and culture. You must sharpen your senses well, resort to all your cunning and avoid falling in love at first sight with a lamia. Keep in mind a prayer just in case, and work as a team with your teammates to win the race to the clock. You cannot go back, remember that lamias are enemies of fraud and supporters of honesty.

During the adventure and as you solve all the enigmas that we have prepared for you, you will discover the best kept secrets and curiosities of the Basque Country and its mythology.

Let’s the game begin!

Escape Room en Guipúzcoa
Escape Room in Gipuzcoa: the magical world of lamias
Escape Room in Gipuzcoa: the magical world of lamias
sala de escape san sebastian
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Things you should know
San Sebastián

1 hour.

Min & Max persons:

Between 2 and 6 participants.


Pioneer company in Escape Room in San Sebastián, with greater diversity of games.


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