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Let’s solve the riddles of our Escape Room in San Sebastian in a game full of suspense and mysteries! The Escape Room, is a physical and mental adventure game that consists of locking a group of players in a specially prepared room in San Sebastian. There, they will have to solve all kinds of puzzles and riddles to unravel a story and manage to escape before the end of the available time (usually 60 minutes).

Each escape room game may be set in a completely different scene making that every opportunity to play it, carries its own charm. In this case we will move to Basque people ancient traditions and beliefs. Our lucky or fatal meeting will be with Mari, also known as Maddi or the Lady of Anboto, a female divinity who lives in the high Basque mountains

Mari is the personification of mother earth, queen of nature and of all the elements that compose it. She is usually showed with the body and face of a woman, elegantly dressed (generally in green), and may also appear as an hybrid shaped tree and as a woman with goat’s feet and the claws of prey bird, or as a fire woman, and an inflamed rainbow or a horse that drags the clouds. In her female shape she appears with a plentyful blond hair that she combes, in the sun, with a golden comb.

For sure Basque mitology will trap you and you will want to learn more. Not all deities are good, there are some with a terrible genius, for which it is advisable to have a magic flower, the Eguzkilore. On the other side, if Mari, that one with the plentyful blond hair, has seduced you, we invite you to have a meeting with the lamias too.

Descriptión of the activity

To carry out this activity we will meet in a physical place in San Sebastian center. In this case, te game, set in local mythology, has a medium-high difficulty. The riddle has been designed by the pioneering company in Escape Room in San Sebastian and thought to be solved by a group of 4 to 8 people.

To achieve the goal don’t forget that Mari has the power of the Earth’s interior climate forces. Among its missions is to punish lies, theft and pride. From her come the goods of the land and the water of the springs.

This will be an hour long experience that mixes mythology, fun and culture; and in which you must sharpen all your senses and work as a team with your colleagues if you want to win the race to the clock.

During the adventure and while you are solving all the unknowns we have prepared for you, you will discover the secrets and best-kept curiosities of the Basque Country and its mythology.

Discover one of the Basque mythology main goddess in our escape room in San Sebastian!

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Escape Room in San Sebastian: Mari, the goddess of storms
Escape Room in San Sebastian: Mari, the goddess of storms
Escape Room in San Sebastian: Mari, the goddess of storms
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Things you should know
San Sebastián

1 hour.

Min & Max persons:

4 to 8 participants.


Pioneer company in Escape Room in San Sebastián and with a greater diversity of games.


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