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This time our Escape Room proposal in San Sebastian becomes Escape Street. It will unfold outdoors, although not as free as you imagine because if you do not manage to solve the mysteries you will be trapped in them.

The Escape Room, is a physical and mental adventure game which usually consists of locking a group of players into a room, where they must solve all sorts of puzzles and riddles to unravel a story and manage to escape before the end of the available time. Normally the resolution time for the presented enigmas is 60 minutes. In this case, time will not be different, the only difference is that this is a Escape Room outdoors. Because of this the name Escape Street. Whether looking for a mistery indoor in a place especially prepared atracts you more, we suggest the old Izurun monastery, if you want to delve deeper into the past and the mythical origins of the Basque people, follow Mari, the goddess of storms.

Each Escape Room game can be set in a completely differente background, this makes each activity has its own charm. In this case the scene of our Escape Room in Donostia will be the same city in itself and the mission refers to a magical legend: the Merchant of clocks.

Description of the activity

In this activity the game is set in the streets of San Sebastián. You will walk its streets on foot and discover anecdotes, legends and San Sebastian stories hidden behind its walls and through its bridges. During the adventure you will discover the best-kept secrets and curiosities of the city and its people.

Before starting we will provide you with all necessary materials (tablet, backpack with gadgets, …). Once equipped you will be ready to start living the suspense of this intriguing exploration in the corners of the city and decipher all the unknowns we have prepared for you.

When you activate the device we will deliver to you, you will not be able to stop the account or go back, so it is important that before starting all the team agree each other and be alert and eager to run! Every second worth gold.

This is a two hours outdoor experience which mix history, fun and culture; and in which you must sharpen all your senses and work as a team with your colleagues if you want to win the race to the clock.

Explore San Sebastian through an Escape Room in this unique and special case Escape Street and discover the secrets of one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Do you deal the challenge?

escape street san sebastian
Escape Room San Sebastián: the legend of the clocks merchant
Escape Room San Sebastián: the legend of the clocks merchant
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Things you should know
San Sebastián

2 hours.

Min & Max persons:

Between 2 and 16 persons.


Participants are responsible for the material delivered during the activity. Any damage or defect could be claimed.


Footwear and comfortable clothes to walk.


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