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Hiking works as a therapy for the body and mind. It is not only because of exercise, but also because of green environment which produces beneficial effects. On this hiking route in San Sebastian, we will walk through the Bianditz area and climb its peaks, Peñas de Haya, Aia or Aiako Harria in local language.

Peñas de Haya are set above Oiartzun and Irún and constitute a singular formation since they are the only granite massif in the area. They form three consecutive summits which gives it the nickname of the “three crowns”. There are those who consider this massif the first western Pyrenees.

This hiking route in San Sebastian runs along a path full of interesting nuances such as bunkers, caves, ruins and even a castle. The entire area is rich in ancient remains in addition to its natural wonders. If you want to satisfy your adventurous spirit a little bit more, you can also try to hike up Adarra Mount where you’ll be taken aback by countless cromlechs and dolmens.

Every route, every mountain, and every path are different worlds each other, Bianditz has several options to satisfy needs and preferences of all hikers. During our walk, we’ll try to climb to all the summits and interesting points to take the most of our physical effort and the marvellous sights.

Description of the activity

To start the activity we approach to the vehicles parking. It will depend on the base we are going to choose to beging the hike. You’ll be always accompanied by a local qualified high mountain guide who in addition to take you through the most beautiful paths, will take care of you and will tell you stories of each point so as to make the trip a full exprience.

First steps up will take us to a bunker where we’ll feel very please with the excellent sight of Txingudi Bay. Next we’ll go on climbing a little bit more up to the Juncal cave which has inside an image of Irun patron virgin. Behind the cave we will find a source of water to hydrate and refresh ourselves.

Luego podemos optar por subir a la cumbre de Irumugarrieta (806 m). Este nombre, en euskera, hace referencia a la confluencia en su cumbre de las localidades de Irún, Oiartzun y Lesaka.

Then we can choose to go up to the summit of Irumugarrieta (806 m). This name, in Basque, refers to the confluence at its summit of the towns of Irún, Oiartzun and Lesaka.

The second peak is Txurrumurru, to reach it we return to the previous path and then continue climbing. Immediately we will see San Anton reservoir on our left. From Txurrumurru, crossing, we will circumvent with caution the passage of the ring and we will advance to Errolbide.

Having reached the top of Errolbide (832 m), we will have completed our purpose of hiking up to the three Peñas de Haya.

Then we should go down following a slope quite steep passing by Errolbide summit to the slope of Peñas de Haya where the way becomes softens. The wooded path will take us through a pleasant pine forest to the road.

If we have enough strengh and we are eager to continue exploring Bianditz area, we may adventure furthermore up to the Elurretxe pass. In this way we will add to our day a complex of ruins, the remains of the famous English castle and another bunker somewhat hidden among trees.

Let’s mix exercise, nature and history in the same adventure!

Parte de la Ruta de Senderismo en peñas de Aia en Guipúzcoa
Dos caballos en una ladera de la ruta de Peñas de Aia
Un tambor en la cima de una montaña en una ruta de senderismo en Guipúzcoa
Chico caminando en la ruta de Peñas de Aia desde Bianditz
Riachuelo en la ruta de senderismo de Peñas de Haya
Montañero en la ruta de senderismo de Peñas de Aia en Guipúzcoa
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Things you should know
San Sebastián
Min & Max persons:

Maximum: 10 participants.


Wear comfortable clothes and light boots or sneakers.


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