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Hiking is one of the healthiest exercises for the body and soul. Its effects are very beneficial because it is not only about physical effort, but that effort is carried out immersed in a natural environment, being parts of the landscape. The hiking route in Donostia that we propose below corresponds to a stage of the famous road to Santiago de Compostela in its variant “northern trail”. You can consider complete some other stages, if you are staying in San Sebastian, like the section Igeldo-Orio.

The sector of the road along the coast is the most rugged part and although it may seem difficult to access, this section of the hiking route in Donostia we are inviting you, is suitable for everybody.

On a rocky and uneven terrain it runs between the town of Pasajes (Pasaia) and the city of Donostia-San Sebastián, an itinerary during which you will be able to enjoy unbeatable views. The Gipuzkoan coast and the city of San Sebastián will unfold before your gaze, with Zurriola beach as the protagonist, once we get closer to the end of the excursion. You will also have the opportunity to see different architectural elements and full of history such as the beach lighthouse, the aqueduct, Kutraila fountain, Mompás fortress or the old Mount Ulia railway.

Description of the activity

Every mountain trail is a world in itself. The natural wealth or historical vestiges that it offers is always ideal for each place. In this case, it is a simple route, designed for all types of walkers.

We start the journey from San Pedro in the fishing town of Pasajes. Pasajes San Pedro is separated from Pasajes San Juan by an inlet where many ships arrive. The starting point already offers us this magnificent postcard.

The total distance to walk is 7.5 kilometers, the maximum height, 164 meters, we will reach it after 6 kilometers from the starting point of the excursion.

From Pasajes San Pedro we are going to hike up to cross Ulia Mount. Panoramical views of the coast will not allow a truce neither to our eyes nor to the focus of our camera. Afterwards we are going to follow the route of Santiago trail which runs along the coast, until finnish in San Sebastian at the sea level.

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Things you should know
San Sebastián
Min & Max persons:

Maximum 10 participants.


Wear comfortable clothes and light boots or sneakers.


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