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This hiking route in San Sebastián will take us up Mount Adarra, the mountain imposing itself in Donostialdea region. Hiking works as a therapy for the body and mind. It is not only the physical effort required but also that we will do it in direct contact with nature. Walking a hiking route in San Sebastian will make you part of its landscape.

Gipuzcoa is a wealthy province in terms of hiking trails full of historical remains and legends. Mount Adarra is characteristic for its double summit, also through its slopes and ridge you will be surprised to find a large number of dolmens, cromlechs, fridges and a striking menhir.

If you have a mountain climber explorer inside you, when you have conquered the Adarra, think about going one step further and visit Bianditz and Peñas de Haya.

Description of the activity

For this hiking route in San Sebastian we go to the Besabi house, in Urnieta. We will start the hiking up from the picnic area. This is the most frequent route since it makes an easy access by road from the top of Irurain.

From Basabi, also called Besadegi, the path goes up to Montefrio house. From there we will advance to Sorotxota stream, and later on to a second stream, Belabietako. After crossing it we will find ourselves in the wide plain of Belabieta from where we will face the final climb to the 811 meters summit.

The tradition of climbing to a summit on the first of the year is deeply rooted among Basque peoples. Mount Adarra is usually one of the busiest on this date when thousands of people go up to celebrate the new year in the top.

Throughout the activity you will be accompanied by our qualified mountain guide who will point you to the best path and the outstanding and interesting places to which you should pay attention.

We will go down through the same slope to the Besabi picnic area where after finishing the excursion you will be in your right to binge.

Let’s go up together!

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Things you should know
San Sebastián
Min & Max persons:

Maximum 10 participants.


Wear comfortable clothes and light boots or sneakers.


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