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A flysch is a geological formation of sediment layers from different kinds of soil. Although there is flysch formation in another countries of the world, this on, in the Basque Coast Geopark is the most relevant on the planet. A hiking trail on the flysch from Zumaia will reveal before our eyes a photograph of Earth’s crust history.

It will be like walking along the pages of a book from the Upper Cretaceous to the Tertiary period, during sixtie five millions years. Thousands upon thousands rocks’ sheets of different kind and different hardness of sedimentation.

On this walking route through the flysch, we will walk in nature observing its transformation through time. If you think your steps will be tired of just imagining a journey through millions of years, we invite you to relax on deck and complete the vision of this amazing landscape from the sea. The walking flysch tour can be further enriched by combining it doing also flysch by boat in front of these magnificent coasts.

Description of the activity

We are going to begin our walking route through the flyshch from the friendly and colorful city of Zumaia which grows on both shores of the Urola river. We will walk up its alleys towards the hermitage of San Telmo which served as scenary for the movie 8 Apellidos Vascos (8 Basque Surnames). This unparalleled landscape was also chosen for episodes of the Game of Thrones series and other productions of international cinema.

There are several paths skirting the flysch. At first, in our hiking trail on the flysch from Zumaia, we will walk on the same path used by the pilgrims walking Santiago trail. However to approach and watch nearer the incredibles steep rocked walls we are going to slightly turn and we will walk over the cliff.

The views are amazing. A specialized guide will translate the meaning of the lines which color the flysch. He is going to show us the climatic changes which affected the Earth, the extinction of the dinosaurs and other drastic events in the history of the world. The explanations are adapted to the different groups levels. In the case of schoolchildren, the contents are coordinated with the scientific units of each school year that we could observe in the flysch, aiming to help them in their learning development.

We will stop at several strategic points and if we dare to add a further amount of adrenaline to our adventure, we will find fixed and safe ropes to descend the cliff to the beaches, if the tide allows it. We will see how the flysch continues like a rib of the earth’s crust, sinking into the sea.

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senderismo en el flysch desde zumaia
Walking route through the flysch, Basque Coast Geopark
Walking route through the flysch, Basque Coast Geopark
Acantilados del Flysch de Zumaia
Walking route through the flysch, Basque Coast Geopark
Walking route through the flysch, Basque Coast Geopark
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Things you should know

1 to 2 hours.

Min & Max persons:

From 10 to 39 persons.


Wear comfortable clothes and shoes.


Members of the Ecotourism Association.
Founders of "The Flysch Route".
Winners of the Basque Government Tourism Award 2010.
Official guides of the Geopark of the Basque Coast.
20 years of experience.


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