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In Asturias you have all kinds of water activities. But without a doubt, the protagonist in summer dates are the jet skis in Gijon . An experience full of sensations that will make your day a special day; especially if you enjoy being surrounded by friends or family.

If you haven’t gotten on a jet ski yet, don’t worry, in just a few minutes you’ll be flying over the waves like a pro. Our jet skis in Gijón are Yamaha motorcycles, the best brand on the market, and they are prepared to make your day an unforgettable memory.

The Best Jet Skis in Gijon, Guided Routes on Board of a Yamaha

Driving jet skis in Gijón is a maritime experience that combines nature, sport and adrenaline in the same activity and that allows you to see the front Maritime Gijon from a unique perspective.

Enjoy the Gijonese Coast on a leading motorcycle, such as our Yamahas. Two-seater motorcycles in which you can navigate up to 2 pax. We have the most modern, powerful and safe jet skis on the market , updating us every year and season by season. In the event that two people go on the same jet ski, don’t worry, you can change drivers at any time.

We will meet at Poniente Beach , located in the centre of the city and very close to the marina, where we will start the guided jet ski route. We will make a 30 km route passing through the Cerro de Santa Catalina, we will go through the entire San Lorenzo beach, we will enjoy its landscapes and we will visit the beaches of Peña Rubia and Estaño. During the activity we will also make a short stop to enjoy the landscape, swim in the high seas and take some photos in a unique environment.

The guided route can be 30 minutes or one hour and is normally done along the Gijonesa Coast, although you also have the option of taking the one-hour route along the Coasts of Ribadesella if you wish. If you do not opt ​​for either of the two and, you go for all; We have a perfect offer for you with which you can do both routes.

To drive one of our jet skis you do not need any type of qualification . At the beginning of the activity, you will receive a quick lesson so that you can pilot the jet skis with complete peace of mind and enjoy your experience to the fullest. A monitor will supervise, guide and accompany you on this adventure, ensuring the safety of the group at all times.

Remember to bring a swimsuit, towel and a lot of desire to drive our jet skis and do not worry about the rest, we take care of it.

And finally, if you are one of those who prefer to fly over the waves on a board instead of on a jet ski, let us know that you also have the option of practice wakeboard in the same location.

Get on our Yamaha and enjoy the Costa Gijonesa!

Chico derrapando sobre una moto de agua alquilada en Gijón
Chicas disfrutando de moto de agua alquilada en Gijón
Couple enjoying on their Jet Ski in Asturias
Group of people having fun on their Jet Skies in Gijón
Man standing on a Jet Ski in Gijón, Asturias
Man speeding on a rented Jet Ski in Asturias
Friends waving from a rented Jet Ski in Gijón
Chico en pie sobre una moto de agua en Gijón
Chico deslizándose sobre una moto de agua en Gijón, Asturias
Mujer cogiendo velocidad montada en una moto de agua en Gijón
Chico divirtiéndose en una ruta en moto de agua en Gijón
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Things you should know
Playa Poniente

From May 15 to October 15.


It depends on the route you choose, it can take 30 minutes or an hour.

Min & Max persons:

2 people maximum per jet ski.


Minimum rider age: 16 years.
Minimum age companion: 6 years.
Bring swimsuit and towel


We have the best motorcycles on the market, the most powerful, safe and updated


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