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When you think you have already seen everything, Jaizkibel, the emblematic mount in San Sebastian coast, will astonish you with its open-air art. From a jet ski route in the Basque Country, we will appreciate Jaizkibel mount, open-air museum whose scenario you will share from the best place, only with the seagulls that fly over the coastline. Because its slopes are difficult to access, Jaizkibel, the mountain that hides the most beautiful treasures of the Cantabrian coast, becomes a privileged excursion for those who appreciate it from a jet ski route in the Basque Country.

Activity description

To rent a jet ski in San Sebastian we approach to Hondarribia harbour, 30 minutes from San Sebastian city. Always with the supervision of an instructor you will enjoy, alone or with somebody else, one of our jet ski trips, during which you will visit different aereas of the French-Basque coast. In this opportunity our jet ski excursion takes us to the slopes of Mount Jaizkibel.

This adventure starts in Txingudi Bay. We will cross Hondarribia and Hendaya to head to the tiny island of Amuitz. During the route we will visit Los Frailes beach, an isolated beach with crystal clear waters, as well known as Asturiaga.

From there we head towards the slopes of Mount Jaizkibel, where we will observe its cliffs from a exclusive point of view. The cliffs of Mount Jaizkibel are considered for most of the people, as the most spectacular cliffs in the Basque Country.

Our last visit on the route is to the Biosnar cove, on the way back to Hondarribia harbour. The complete excursion lasts one hour approximately.

Rent your jet ski in San Sebastian and let’s empty your adrenaline on the waters of Cantabrian Sea, while you enjoy the most spectacular corners of the Basque coast. We count on you on our next outing!

From the same center you may also do other trips in jet ski like going to San Juan de Luz, Biarritz or San Sebastián from Hondarribia.

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Things you should know

The activity is available between May 15 and September 15.
From May 15 to June 15, except for special requests, it is only available on weekends.


1 hour.

Min & Max persons:

It is necessary to reserve a minimum of two jet skis to carry out the route.
Maximum two passengers in each jet ski, driver and companion.


Minimum age to ride a jet ski is 16 years old.
Minors of 18 years old will need their parents authorization.
No minimum age as a passenger.The activity includes insurance.


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