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In this opportunity we invite you to a jet ski route in Hondarribia, during which we will leave from its harbour so as to arrive to San Juan de Luz. An excursion with journey trip characteristics because we will leave the Gipuzkoan coast to, following the coastline, cross to Iparralde, the French Basque Country.

Our destination city in this adventure is San Juan de Luz, located in the department of Pyrenees-Atlantiques in the New Aquitaine region. The journey of this jet ski route in Hondarribia towards San Juan de Luz, dazzles us with its incandescent beauty. The landscape and the colorful Cantabrian cliffs, with all their color nuances on the rock walls. The magic of a neo-Gothic castle appearance on one of the slopes, is like a fairy tale.

At the final part of the route we bordert the fishing town of Ciboure, we will cross the Nivelle river mouth and from there we will make the imminent arrival to Saint Jean de Luz. Its harbour is surrounded by noble buildings and guarded by two lighthouses.

Description of the activity

To hire a jet ski in San Sebastian we approach to Hondarribia harbour, 30 minutes from the city. Always in the companion of our instructor you will enjoy, alone or with somebody else, one of our jet ski excursions, in which you are going to visit different areas of the French-Basque coast. This adventure starts in Txingudi Bay from where we will head towards Frace, passing through the beach of Hendaye until we reach the twins.

We will see the charming Abbadie castle Veremos el encantador castillo de Abbadie (in French, Château d’Abbadia), built on the steep cliffs of Hendaye, in the middle of the landa. We will continue along the Cornise cliffs until we reach Saint Jean de Luz, where we will enter Ciboure Bay and enjoy its wonderful port.

In Saint Jean de Luz, we will head back to the port of Hondarribia and we will end the jet ski tour. The complete experience lasts approximately 1 hour.

Rent your jet ski in San Sebastián and let your adrenaline out on the Cantabrian Sea waters, while enjoying the most spectacular corners of the Basque-French coast.

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Things you should know

The activity is available between May 15th and September 15th.
Since May 15th until June 15th, except special petitions, it's only available during the week-ends.


1 hour.

Min & Max persons:

Maximum 2 persons per jet ski, driver and passenger.


Reservation of at least 2 jet skis is required to carry out the activity.
Minimum age to drive the jet ski is 16 years old with parents permission. No minimum age as a passenger.
Insurance included.


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