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Laser tag or laser game called also laser combat is a sports game which simulates a warlike confrontation between two teams. However, despite playing laser tag takes you to a combat scenario, it’s a completelly harmless game since the shots are not physical impacts but infrared rays, like those of remote controls, long range and very precise. Totally innocuous and safe. For playing laser tag in San Sebastian there are several offers which will make everything more confortable for you, it is even possible to move the game to your home and adapt it to people with reduced mobility.

Laser tag can be practiced by both men and women of all ages, making it easier for you to organize a laser tag game in San Sebastian with your family or with your friends or colleagues. If what you are looking for is even more realism, greater impact on the opponent, see how does it work paintball, a kind of battle in which you are going to shot paint balls against the enemy.

By deciding to play laser tag in San Sebastian you’ll feel yourself the main role of your favorite video game, it will be you and just you who will move and shoot directly fast infrared rays up to 200 meters range. You don’t need special skills, nor is it necessary to maneuver with protective clothing or masks, so your movements will be very agile.

Description of the activity

To play laser tag in San Sebastian we approach to one of our centers specially prepared to offer you the best war scenario. We have all the avant-garde available to organize your laser tag game near the city center, but we also have it in Otxandio, less than an hour from San Sebastián, in Hondarribia at 30 minutes and in Hernani just ten minutes from San Sebastian. It is also possible to request, reserving in advance, that laser tag goes to you and that we put it up in your house or in the place that you choose. It can be prepared in a park, in the mountain, at your school, in your company. We will adapt to the terrain to recreate the space of the action, decorating with different inflatables and we will attend to your needs.

The background of laser tag battles tends to a futuristic scene although this is not decisive. Each player wears a vest with electronic sensors that detect the shots fired with the infrared pistols. At the same time, each player has a processor which allows him or her to control the ammunition, the playing time, and the lives available. Points are earned when an opponent is eliminated and the teams are differentiated by the colors of the vest and gun led lights.

Throughout the game warriors could get special powers, such as invisibility, speed, immortality. If they are eliminated, they must leave the game area and wait, along with the game monitor, the ending of the game.

To begin we are going to selectfor who is the activity thought. A laser tag battle for children is the perfect game to celebrate birthdays, communions, saint celebrations and end of year. We will consider the possibility of programming obstacles indicating a path to the door of the place where the party is held. Laser tag for children can be programmed from up 5 years old.

On the other side, laser tag battle for adults is the best entertainment to practice with friend, in a bachelor party, collegues party, or simply enjoy the moment, nature and friends.

If it is a business recreational meeting there are important goals that can be achieved through playing laser tag which include leadership development, efficiency in achieving goals, teamwork ability, communication, integration and team synchrony.

The laser tag game was created to train soldiers and day after day becomes more popular as an active and exiting game.

The necessary equipment to monitore the game will is a PC for the game statistics, a special scoreboard and the defeat sensor with wireless system to make the game more real. The missions and slogans provided during a laser tag battle are different and varied such as capture a flag, team duel, zombie mode, search and destroy. These challenges will test, in addition to the fun and the good time, the individual capacity of the participants, and the flexibility to act as a team and adopt different strategies.

laser tag en sab sebastian
Laser tag in San Sebastian
Laser tag in San Sebastian
Laser tag in San Sebastian
Laser tag in San Sebastian
Laser tag in San Sebastian
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Things you should know
San Sebastián
Min & Max persons:

Minimum: 4 persons.
Ideal: 10 persons.
Maximum: 30 persona (according to space dimensions)


Minimum age: 5 years old.


Wear comfortable clothes and shoes.


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