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Another amazing activity which you will enjoy since the first moment ins multisurf. Multisurf in San Sebastian It is an innovative initiative which consists of various sports activities that complement surfing. In daily lessons that you could take for a week or two, are taught and practiced the sports that all kids and youngsters want to do. Sports hatoich are carried out, mostly, on a board, such as skate, longskate, indoboard and of course surfing.

If you sign up for multisurf classes in San Sebastian, in our summer school you will learn to surf but you will also know everything about how the tides and waves occur, how to forecast and analyze the weather, all to be safer when we go out to sea. We will also tell you about the history and origins of surfing and how to care for and protect the environment.

We will do activities on the skate, longskate, coordination exercises, balance with the help of fitballs, indoboards. Everything in complement and combined with the star activity which is surfing and everything, and all, together, a super fun course. If you only want to take a course exclusively from the south you can choose the weekly surf course.

Description of the activity

To carry out these activities successfully every day, depending on the weather conditions, we use the small squares at the back of the Kursaal to practice skate, longskate, indoboard, etc. For rainy or cold days, we have a 70 m2 classroom with padded tatami floor, projector to watch videos or the theoretical exhibitions and various instruments for balance and coordination circuits, such as indoboards, fitball, and balance surfboards.

At the moment to carry out the dayly class, the students are divided into groups of 3 to 6 per monitor, A la hora de realizar la clase surf diaria, se dividen los alumnos en grupos de 3 a 6 alumnos por monitor, homogeneously, depending on the age, gatheringh them according to age, surf level, previus experience in the sea.

Multisurf classes in San Sebastian take place daily from Monday to Friday from 9 am. to 1:30 pm. and surfing is completed with 1 hour 50 minutes else of daily class. You can do a full course during one week or two weeks.

The price includes, surf board of material and size suitable, neoprene of appropriate thickness according to the season, skates and protections, use of separate dressing rooms for women and men with hot showers and lockers and insurances.

Multisurf classes in San Sebastian
clases surf san sebastian
clases multisurf san sebastian
Multisurf classes in San Sebastian
alquiler surf san sebastian
Multisurf classes in San Sebastian
Multisurf classes in San Sebastian
Multisurf classes in San Sebastian
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Things you should know
San Sebastián

Monday to Friday from 9 am. to 1.30 pm. + 1 hour 50 minutes of surfing.
One or two week courses.

Min & Max persons:

Small groups. From 3 to 6 participants per monitor.


Be on time in the place of the activity.


Bring flip flops, towel, sun cream and swimming trunks or underwear to wear under the neoprene, slippers to be able to skate, lunch, hat/cap to protect yourself from the sun.


RC insurance and accident insurance.


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