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Rent paddlesurf in San Sebastian on the beach! Paddlesurf or SUP, because of its english name Stand Up Paddlesurfing, is an increasingly fashionable sport which fills our beaches when the weather is better and the water warmer. Rent paddlesurf in San Sebastian on the beach! A board similar to surf-board is required, just a bit thicker and more stable, and a paddle. If you want to try paddlesurfing in San Sebastian, you will enjoy this physical activity in which you will work out your muscles, arms and legs, while contemplating an idyllic landscape and tanning your entire skin without interferences.

This discipline has its origins in the Polynesian people roots, as it has been gaining popularity throughout the world, the models and materials with which boards and paddles are made, have been improved. You can try paddlesurfing in San Sebastian paddling alone or with friends, using a tandem board for two persons. If you prefer to row seated in a canoe, alone or with a partner you can choose the traditional canoe or pirogue.

Description of the activity

To paddlesurf in San Sebastian we head to Everent center place. There you’ll be able to choose one of our boards and if it’s your first time you can ask the advise of an introductory class during which you will recive the necessary knowledge so as to make the most of your trip. Although paddlesurf is not a complicated sport nor doesn’t require previous skills or knowledge, at first it’s difficult to keep the balance and move forward safely. With the beginners class you will learn main subjects about body position, weight distribution on the board, maneuvers. Then you will incorporate everything, it will come out mechanically and you will enjoy the most and without any trouble this adventure.

Paddlesurf is suitable for everybody, for all ages. Children really enjoy riding on a paddlesurf board. Adults, when standing, will feel themselves part of the water natural environment, watching the landscape from another perspective.

The rent of the board maybe for one hour, half a day, or full day. Once in the water we suggest you to visit Santa Clara island which is at only 10 minutes paddlesurfing from our Everent renting point. There you’ll be able to have a drink in the small bar at the jetty and recover energy to continue paddling. The island offers privileged San Sebastian city sights from an exclusive point of view.

Paddlesurfing in San Sebastian has the advantage of sliding through one of the most beautiful bays in the world, “La Concha” bay in San Sebastian, a privilege and unique opportunity that you shouldn’t miss.

paddlesurf san sebastian
Paddlesurf in San Sebastian
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Things you should know
San Sebastián

Your choice: 1 hour, half day or full day.

Min & Max persons:

1 person or 2 in tandem.


Know how to swim or wear a life jacket.


A first class for beginners.


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