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Would you like to learn how to paraglide? If you have already tried the paragliding flight in San Sebastian and you’d like to go a further step in this exciting activity, we suggest you our basic paragliding course without moving out from your city. After the course you’ll be capable to fly by yourself, without any instructor supervission.

Many people imagine that this sport is no way for them, they don’t even consider the possibility of learning to fly. They think that flying is an exclusive reality for winged beings and that trying to do it, involves taking great risks. However, though we are not birds, and the fear is something intrinsic to the human being, facing it is the only way to overcome it, and learn to fly, in addition to an eternal obsession and a dream, can become a reality. It is not necessary to have any special physical aptitude to learn to paraglide, only at the beginning some efforts will be required until we incorporate the appropriate technique.

Activity description

Paragliding course consists in 20 learning hours in which you will develop your paragliding flying skills and whose main goal is that you end up being able to fly on your own. Every day there will be paragliding control practices on the ground, theory will be taught on the ground and the day conditions will be analyzed in addition to paraglide.

Among our flying areas are Ulia mount in San Sebastian, Kukuarri in Orio, Talai mendi in Zarautz or Endoia in Zestoa. The choice of the flight area is always subject to present weather conditions on the flight day.

First day it will be the instructor who take off the paraglider and from there you will put it to fly. From the second day you will take the controls and pilot the paraglider, including the landing. And finally, on the last day of the course, you will put into practice everything you have learned on an individual paraglider flight in one of our single-seat paragliders.

The course timetable is fixed, from 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m., but you are who decide the dates when you want to take your paragliding course in San Sebastian. We are flexible and will try to adapt to your needs.

Paragliding course in San Sebastian
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Vuelo en parapente en San Sebastián
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Things you should know
San Sebastián

All along the year.


20 hours.

Min & Max persons:

Group of two persons minimum is required to carry out the course.



Minors (<18) will only allowed to takee the course with their parents authorization.
People with cardiovascular problems or other medical problems, or pregnant women are not allowed to fly.
The activity includes insurance.


Wear comfortable clothes and light boots or sneakers.


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