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Paintball is a completely safe and entertainig sport. It is played in teams and its name means “paint balls” as it consists on shooting these balls, totally biodegradable, at the members of the enemy team. Impacted participants are sometimes temporarily removed. You can now play paintball in San Sebastian where we have fully equipped facilities making your fight scene like a movie.

In a paintball game, two teams face each other in order to defeat the rival side or fulfill a mission like a flag rescue. Games can be played indoors or outdoors. Dare to play paintball in San Sebastián!

It doesn’t matter the age or fitness, any reason is good to play paintball in San Sebastián, an activity which will add unique and fun experience to your vacation, your weekend, your friends meeting.

Minimum of 8 to 10 persons are recommended to make a dynamic game with more suspense and emotion. In case of being less, it can be consulted. Paintball is a perfect game to release tension, relieve stress, and have fun. If you prefer a battle but without physical impact, you can choose laser tag, another kind of war but in which totally harmless infrared rays are fired.

Description of the activity

To play paintball in San Sebastian we head to the adequate establishment. The facilities have fast obstacle paintball fields, dressing rooms so you can change comfortably, toilets and showers at no additional cost and a big parking place where you can leave your vehicle without worrying so as to when you will enter the play-field you will forget about everything.

In our facilities we will put at your disposal all the material you need to launch yourself onto the battlefield: the semi-automatic marker, the balls, a military sweatshirt and a mask that will protect you from any impact on the face. You can play with a maximum of 300 balls. Just in case you may need more, we will have prepared extra chargers that you will have to order during the game.

The offered packages are three types:

  • Type A: 100 balls + 2 hours of play.
  • Type B: 200 balls + 2 hours of play.
  • Type C: 300 balls + 2 hours of play.

Furthermore a paintball session is ideal to organize and celebrate commemorations, bachelor parties, comrades meeting, and birthdays. You can turn your birthday into an original and different memory, celebrating with a snack and 1 hour and 50 balls paintball’ game. And if you have decided to celebrate a farewell or meeting and play paintball in San Sebastián, you can end the day with a luxury corollary, a first-rate menu. Our unbeatable menus consist on three delicious variants:

  • Cider house menu: cod omelette, fried cod or ajoarriero, chuleton, dessert, served with cider.
  • Menu 1: cod omelette, shrimp omelette, salad, costilla, dessert, served with cider.
  • Menu 2: salad, kostilla, dessert, served with cider.

If you decide to pass tis special day ant turn it into an unforgettable event will be possible, without any doubt, hiring a full day of paintball with a snack or lunch among friends. Dare to this adventure! See you on the battlefield!

Paintball in San Sebastian
Paintball in San Sebastian
paintball san sebastian
Paintball in San Sebastian
Paintball in San Sebastian
Paintball in San Sebastian
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Things you should know
San Sebastián

2 hours.

Min & Max persons:

Minimum 8 persons.


Adult paintball over 14 years old.
Kids between 8 and 13 years old with their parents permission.


Wear confortable clothes and shoes.


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