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Zurriola beach in San Sebastian is known as an alternative beach, with all kinds of people, all ages, and specially for being the surfers favorite beach in all the area. This is the beach we are going to choose to take our first surf initiation private class. Taking a surf private class will be useful either to improve our knowledge and the previous domain we could have of this activity or to start from scratch.

It is also truth that we may rent a surf board and manage to surf just by observing others and by our own means, following the infallible method, trial and error. However, if we choose to take a private initiation class to surfing, we will take more efficient advantage of the time we have a board.

Descripcion of the activity

This is an individualized class in which you will hire a monitor for a course up to your needs. Classes are focused from four year olds to all ages adults . The price includes, surf board of material and suitable size, neoprene of adequate thickness for each season of the year, use of separate dressing rooms for women and men with hot showers and lockers, insurances.

The instructor will point, step by step, how to get on the board, how to stand up on it and then how to keep balance on the waves. He will trust us all the necessary secrets for a good performance and he will teach us to anticipate the action and foresee the results of a good surf according to the wind and of course to the coming wave, recognizing its direction, its strength, the potential of its crest.

During the class you will learn a new language to refer everything tecnically in this so intensive as beautful activity. You are going to get familiar with the marine enviroment, you will find new friends with whom you are going to share codes and, the most important is that, in a brief time, you’ll feel yourself fulfilled when you see that you can hold yourself above the surface of the sea, at the rhythm of the tides, that you can dominate the board and manage your body on it to adapt to your will and not the opposite.

Private surf initiation class one to one
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clases multisurf san sebastian
Private surf initiation class one to one
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Private surf initiation class one to one
Private surf initiation class one to one
Private surf initiation class one to one
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Things you should know
San Sebastián

All along the year.


One hour and a half.

Min & Max persons:

1 person.


Be ready for the class 15 minutes in advance.


Bring flip flops, a towel, sun cream and a swimming trunks or underwear to use under the neoprene.


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