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Oria river rises from Aizkorri mountain slopes and flows to Orio village. It is the main river in the region because of its length and flow and offers an ideal environment to rent a kayak in Gipuzkoa and paddle throught its waters.

Even though nowadays there is not to much fluvial movement, this river, until the 80s, suffered the contamination of the existing industries on its banks. For centuries it has had a great traffic of boats transporting materials, animals or people who were engaged in fishing. Currently it has recovered its purity and the native flora has began to appeare on the shores and trouts and salmons shoals in its waters.

Orio’s rowers train in this river and the Orio Arraunketa Elkartea Olympic Rowing Club has become, in recent decades, one of the most successful in the Cantabrian “traineras” (drifter boats with several rowers) competitions.

Description of the activity

To rent a kayak in the Oria river, we head to the Arraunetxe de Orio, which is the Center for modernization of rowing and canoeing. There you will discover other variants like the Big SUP rental ideal for practicing and enjoying with the mates group and the complete option of “multirremo”.

anyone can take the tour since the course of this river is very calm. No great skills or prior knowledge are required. The paddle can be done independently, singly, or accompanied by a specialist instructor in this subjet, a professional rower who also knows all the secrets of the river and the stories woven on its banks.

If you prefer the guide of a monitor you should be at least 10 persons for the trip. In case of schoolchildren groups, it is mandatory that they should go out accompanied by a monitor. Dynamics in the water are linked with the cognitive, social and affective developments desired to be achieved during the group activity. You will not only be a rower for a day but you will also know the environment in which the fishing and fishing traditions are complemented by the sport.

Furthermore of the possibility to rent a kayak, in Gipuzkoa you may combine this canoe with BIG SUP and develop a varied and intense “multirremo” activity. You will have between an hour and a half and two hours to try and enjoy the different modalities. If you want to find out more about everything generated by the Oria river, whether in the sports field or in terms of whaling and industrialization, you should visit the Museum of the “traineras” flags and the “Rowing History” room. In case the group is too big and requires taking turns, the facilities have multipurpose rooms with games and interactive screens so that everyone will be entertained.

Live the whole experience and you will take with you a lot of stories about rowing and life besides the river, in addition to live your own adventure in kayak along the Oria!

Kayak rental in Orio, Gipuzkoa
Kayak rental in Orio, Gipuzkoa
Kayak rental in Orio, Gipuzkoa
Kayak rental in Orio, Gipuzkoa
Kayak rental in Orio, Gipuzkoa
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Things you should know

All along the year, from 10 am. to 7 pm.


Between 1 and 2 hours.

Min & Max persons:

Flexible. If you are too many people, they will be divided into groups.


Know how to swim.
Not be pregnant.
No injuries.
Insurance is included.


Bring a swimsuit, shower material, spare clothes, sun cream and the wish of rowing.


We are part of the Association of Ecotourism and Aktiba.


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