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Bodyboard is one of the kings among the water sliding sports. Kindly called “corcho” (cork), knew also as “boogie” the truths is that, no matter the name, renting a bodyboard in San Sebastian will make you to enjoy since the first moment.

The contact with the sea, the adrenaline produced when you catch a good wave, the satisfaction when you realiza that the maneuver is going better than expected. If you rent a boduyboard in San Sebastian, you are going to add to your vacation that quote you were lacking to turn holidays into adventure.

Further than the pleasure of being carried away by the current, you are going to gain confidence soon and you will try to do some aerial pirouette. Consider the force of the sea and let yourself be propelled by it.

Description of the activity

To rent a bodyboard in San Sebastian, a few steps from Zurriola beach, in our center, we will sugest you the best board for your size.

You also will see there all the different surf boards for renting. In both cases, bodyboards and surf boards, we have different materials and sizes boards and we will choose the perfect one for you. According to the conditions of the weather and the waves we will also recommend the wetsuit of the appropriate thickness and the fins for your feet.

Board and clothing rentals can be hired for one hour or more, up to half a day (5 hours). In the center the facilities are state of the art, with hot showers, dressing rooms and lockers.

After renting your appropriate bodyboard in San Sebastián, you can comfortably go to Zurriola beach. This beache, only at a few steps of us, is which has the best waves in Gipuzkoa for these kind of activities.

You will start by letting yourself slide to spontaneously understand how the waves behave in relation to the board and your body. It won’t be long before you realize that practicing bodyboarding becomes a dynamic and beneficial exchange in which you will be working on the muscular strength of your arms and legs.

You will need to sharpen the coordination, concentration and balance skills necessary to stay on the board. All this work is automatic, a process of self-recognition. Once you have gone through the beginner phase, learned the process of how to handle the board, the bodyboard allows many more movements and tricks, the sensation obtained by catching good waves is unbeatable. Time will fly by as you try to fly.

You will be free yourself of stress thanks to the combination of the sea breeze, the water swing and the relaxed position that you’ll be able to adopt within each maneuver.

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Things you should know
San Sebastián

From 1 hour to half a day (5 hours).


Deposit € 300 or credit card and passport (DNI).
Damages and blows suffered by the boards will be charged.


Wear flip flops, sun cream and swimming trunks or underwear to be used underneath the neoprene.


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