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Among the most amusement activities you could choose this summer in Donostia is undoubtfully, surf. Among the most amusement activities you could choose this summer in Donostia is undoubfully surf. Surfing is a sport that has numerous benefits. Beyond the enormous pleasure which gives practicing it, it also has advantages for the body, due to the varied movements that it entails, and for the mind because it requires anticipation and resilience training. While you can take surf class one to one so as to improve your performance, it is also posible to practice by your own renting your surf board.

Freedom sensation mixing in a dialogue with nature, in this case, with the sea. When you rent a surf board in San Sebastian and you begin to try movements, you will learn step by step in the trial and error process how to stand up on the board, then you are going to keep balance, you are going to learn also about the humility and respect that deserves being in interaction with a powerful force such as water and waves, and you will resign yourself to fall over and over again without never loosing the will to continue trying but quite the opposite.

Surfing is adictive, as you paddle away towards the peak of the wave and the marine horizon, you will switch off your everyday life, you will completely disconnect from your worries and all your concentration will be focused on this new playing field in motion, it will be you and the sea.

Description of the activity

To rent a surf board in San Sebastian, a few steps from Zurriola beach, the best place for surfing, we will suggest you the best board depending on your size. We have surf boards made in different materials and sizes and we are going to choose the perfect board for you. Considering the weather conditions and the waves we will also recommend the wetsuit of the appropriate thickness and the fins for your feet.

ter having rented the suitable board to surf in San Sebastian, from our center, you’ll be able to go easily to the favorite setting for Gipuzkoan surfers: Zurriola beach, in the Gros neighborhood. It is an urban beach with a gentle wave peak for novices, and a more powerful one for more experienced surfers.

Once you begin to understand the waves rythm, it will be the board itself who will help you to improve your movements. You will overcome the goals, one after the other one depending mainly on the time you spend practicing and, in part, on your skills or previous experience in this or similar sports.

Keeping balance is the fundamental step, the moment when you achieve it even if it’s only one second standing up the board, letting yourself slide on the water, it will be a moment of glory.

Surf board rental in San Sebastian
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Surf board rental in San Sebastian
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Surf board rental in San Sebastian
Surf board rental in San Sebastian
Surf board rental in San Sebastian
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Things you should know
San Sebastián

From 1 hour to half a day día (5 horas)


Deposit € 300 or credit card and passport (DNI).
Damages and blows suffered by the boards will be charged.


Wear flip flops, sun cream and swimming trunks or underwear to put underneath the neoprene.


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