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Big SUP is one of the most funny and pleasant water activity. It doesn’t require neither physical aptitudes or skills, nor previous training. It is about rowing in groups of up to 10 persons on a board similar to paddle surf (Stand Up Paddle) but bigger -because of this “Big”. Renting Big SUP in Gipuzkoa, very close to San Sebastian, and paddling through the Oria river waters, will be an unforgettable adventure. Big SUP is not only a physical or sport activity, but above all, a moment to pass a good time with friends or family.

The Oria river flows down Aizkorri mountain slopes, it is the Gipuzkoan longest and largest river. Its waters are relaxed and calm what will transmit you safety and confidence while you are balancing with your team on the Big SUP board.

This river used to be very busy during many centuries. Boats of different sizes with fishermen and merchandises circulated there. On the banks of the Oria there were industries which caused the contamination of its waters. Today, all that is eradicated, the purity and biodiversity of the aquifer has been recovered. The native species sprout on the shores and, through the clear waters, you’ll be able to watch trouts and salmons shoals.

On the other hand, the rowing competitors from Orio village who train on this river have become, in recent decades, outstanding and respected participants in the “traineras” (drifter boats) regattas in which they have got important awards.

Description of the activity

For renting Big SUP in Gipuzkoa we approach to Arraunetxe dock in Orio where is set the Rowing and Canoeing Technification Center. There, in addition to the Big SUP rental, you are going to find another tempting options such as the kayak rental or the fullest option of “multirremo”. The activity could be carried out singly or accompanied of a monitor. In the case of children be accompanied by a monitor is mandatory.

All the responsibles are professional rowers who also know the secrets and stories of the river, its people, and sports activities. The contents are adapted to the age and academic degree and interest of the students. The monitors will tell you everything you want to know and much more.

The boards we are going to use are inflatable up to 6 meters long and with the capacity to transport among 8 and 10 participants each. You will have to work very well with your team to advance along the estuary in a stable and constant way.

You may also combine, renting Big SUP in Gipuzkoa with rowing in a kayak, so you will get a varied “multirremo” (multi-paddle) experience. You will make an intense and fascinating excursion through the Oria from one hour and a half to two hours.

If you want to make the most of this trip, you may visit the “traineras” Museum and the “History of rowing” room. In the facilities there are interactive screens and projections which will keep everyone entertained if the group is too large and needs to acces in smaller groups. There are options for everyone and everything is fun!

Big SUP rental in Orio, Gipuzkoa
Big SUP rental in Orio, Gipuzkoa
big sup guipuzcoa
Big SUP rental in Orio, Gipuzkoa
Big SUP rental in Orio, Gipuzkoa
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Things you should know

All along the year, from 10 pm. to 7 pm.


Fromo 1 to 2 hours.

Min & Max persons:

Flexible. If you are too many people, you'll be divided in groups.


Know how to swim.
Not be pregnant.
Not injuries.
Insurances are included.


Bring a swimsuit, shower material, spare clothes, sun cream and the wish of rowing.


We are part of the Association of Ecotourism and Aktiba.


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