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The Oria river is the perfect setting to get into rowing. Although the waters descend from the summits of the Aizkorri, one of the highest mountains in the Basque Country, in the area of Orio village, the river runs with calm waters which will transmit confidence to anyone who wants to paddle in Gipuzkoa. Not surprisingly, Orio is the town with the greatest rowing vocation and feeling in the entire Cantabrian Sea. Furthermore than rowing in “trainera” in Gipuzkoa you may also participate in another exciting adventures like the descent of the Oria river in kayak or Big SUP or both: “multirremo”.

First official mention of an Orio drifter boat participating in la Concha San Sebastian Regattas was in the inaugural edition in 1879. In 1901 Orio achieved its first victory and since then the locals have been frequently awarded and are highly respected.

By rowing a drifter boat in the Oria river you will share the waters with true champions who train here daily. In Orio all modalities are practiced, in all its categories, male and female. The most popular native drifter boat “trainera” is the one known as “San Nikolas”, it is the one which has gained more fans and the one which has become more famous in the media.

If you also want to feel yourself like some elite rowers, come to Orio, Gipuzka, for rowing in trainera!

Description of the activity

We will meet each other in Arraunetxe, Rowing and Canoeing Technification Center in Orio. Depending on the quantity of the trip participants, we are going to choose the boat kind because for rowing in trainera 10 to 13 rowers are requiered if you are less peopleyou will be able to use a “trainerilla” with a total space for 6 participants, and if you are even less, it exists the “batel” for only 4 persons.

We will have the chance to row in the “trainera” whic more medals has gained in Gipuzko what will represent a great priviledge, and you are going to live your experience beside the best ones. They will go with you, advise and explain everything about the rowing in these drifter boats -“traineras”-, and the exciting history about the participation in the famous regattas, and also they will tell stories about the estuary and Orion town which was growing along its shores.

Rowing in “trainera” in Gipuzkoa, is ideal to have a very pleasant time with friends or family and it’s a very positive activity to hang out with work partnerse or school mates. It promotes teamwork: observe, analyze, act accordingly. For joint force to be effective, it makes you to choose options and make decisions, assign positions in which each one at an individual level feels comfortable and can advance, but at the same time is one more piece in the perfect gear of the entire team. When paddling a drifter boat the objective of the rower is to work individually thinking globally about the progress of the whole boat.

Rowing in “trainera” in the Oria river, Gipuzcoa
Rowing in “trainera” in the Oria river, Gipuzcoa
Rowing in “trainera” in the Oria river, Gipuzcoa
Rowing in “trainera” in the Oria river, Gipuzcoa
Rowing in “trainera” in the Oria river, Gipuzcoa
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Things you should know

All along the year, defrom 10 am. to 7 pm.


2 hours approximately.

Min & Max persons:

10 to 13 persons in each drifter (trainera).
5 o 6 persons, trainerilla.
Up to 4 persons, batel.


Not be pregnant.
No injuries.
Know how to swim.


Bring sports clothing and footwear, shower material, spare clothes, and being eager to row.


Winner "trainera" of most of La Concha La Concha.
All insurances included.
We are part of the association of Ecotourism and Aktiba.


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