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¡Increase your scuba diving skills! If you have already become an advanced diver but you wish to go further and deeper in the exciting scuba diving world, we recommend you to carry out the Scuba Diving Rescue course in Gipuzcoa. To take this advanced diving course we head towards Hondarribia harbour, 30 minutes from San Sebastian city.

Rescue Diver is one of the most interesting and important diving courses. You’ll get high level knowuledge about how the accidents are produced, how to avoid them and how to act to minimize the risks. This course is mandatory for any leadership level and it’s complemented by RCP and oxygen administration.

Activity description

The course consists on a theoretical part and a practical part in which one you’ll apply all the adquired knowledge. Three audiovisual theory modules and three practices underwater in which you will be provided with the boat and the oxygen bottle.

For the theoretical part you will be given the rescue manual, the rescue diver’s file and the neurological examination board. Among the main subjects are the stress, how to prevent and overcome it; how to act properly in case of accidents and different rescue techniques and factors which could generate complications in it.

We will complete this course with the section EFR (oxygen administration and first aid) which also has its theoretical and practical part. We will provide you with the first aid and RCP manual for adults, the first aid manual for diving accidents and oxygen administration, the React Right action file and a training DVD.

The course is divided in two parts: first aids and RCP, and first aids for diving accidents and oxygen administration. You will learn how to store, administer, and manage oxygen, the different first aid techniques,…You will be prepare to know how to act without hesitation and in tha properly way during an emergency facts,…

Once finished your Rescue Diver Course in Gipuzkoa you will obtain the accreditation card reflecting your Rescue + EFR certification which one will process for you from our center. If you want to keep this accreditation over time it will be necessary to update it every two years (only the EFR).

We will provide you all the necessary materials for each dive. The center is equipped with showers and dressing rooms which make easier all the process. The timetable will be decided according whit the group and its requirements. We are flexible.


Buceo en España
Buceo en la costa vasca
Curso de buceo Rescue + EFR
bucear en España
Bucear en España
Bautismo de buceo Guipúzcoa
Submarinismo en Guipúzcoa
Scuba Diving Rescue course + EFR in Hondarribia
Curso PADI: iniciación al buceo
Buceo en Hondarribia
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Things you should know

All along the year.


Several days.

Min & Max persons:

Groups between 2 and 4 persons.


Minimun age to carry out Rescue + EFR course is 18 years old.

The activity includes insurance during the formation and also all the necessary materials. You only need your swimwear


PADI Certificate: 5-star PADI Center.
SAT SCUBAPRO Certificate: Repair and maintenance of Scubapro diving equipment.
SAT MARES Certificate: Repair and maintenance of MARES diving equipment.


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