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Feel the sensation of flying over the water surface, due to the power of a water jet which will allow you to propel yourself into and out of the water. Enjoy one of the most original and popular activities in our beaches in recent years, one session of twenty minutes flyboard in Gipuzkoa, Hondarribia. Everybody can try it and, once you catch the hang of it, and you start to feel comfortable on the flyboard, which will surely be a matter of minutes, we invite you to impress us with some occasional twirls or pirouettes.

At the beginnig you’ll take the trigger’s pulse to learn how to regulate the water pressure. When at higher jet power you manage to keep balance and gain safety, you’ll be able to regulate it and, at more jet power, greater propulsion. The highest you can rise up is around 12 meters high. From that point, only your imagination commands. The experts are capable of achieving true wonders, such as a double backflip. Do you dare to try our flyboard equipment in Gipuzcoa?

Activity description

To practice flyboard in Gipuzkoa we will approach to Hondarribia harbour, 30 minutes from San Sebastian city. Flyboard is one of the most demanded activities in summer leisure places. It is essential that, before doing flyboard, you receive some instruction on basic issues of its operation to avoid problems. Upon arrival at the center, an instructor will provide you with this brief explanation about the operation and handling of the flyboard equipment to make easier your learning and ensure a safe and fun experience.

All the time you’ll be connected to he back of a jet ski driven by an instructor, who will guide you during the adventure. Our instructors will be continuously watching over your safety and they will make it easy for you, in order that you take the best of your experience. The flyboard session lasts 20 minutes, it is brief but intense.

From the same center you can also enjoy routes in jet ski, banana boat, wakeboard or water ski among other activities.

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Things you should know

The activity is available between May 15 and September 15.
From May 15 to June 15, except for special requests, it is only available on weekends.


20 minutes.

Min & Max persons:

1 person.


Minimum age to practice flyboard is 16 years old.
Minors under 18 years old will need their parents' authorization.
The activity includes insurance.


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