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Practicin surf has many advantages, freedom sensation mixed in a dialogue with nature. Control of the balance and foreseeing the waves performance, how the potential waves could change. If you want to take surf classes in San Sebastian, you will find specific courses for all ages and all levels.

You can start surf classes in San Sebastian since 5 years old. There are several schools where you could point yourself. Courses are focused either to the people who wants to begin, starting knowing the most basic technical and practical aspects or to those persons who have already began and wish to improve and perfection themselves with the guide of a monitor. Surfing is overcoming a new challenge at every step, with practice the achievements on the board will be very gratifying. If your excitement impulse you further, it is also possible to have a private surf class. Let the marine horizon to be the horizon of your gaze playing with the waves becomes addictive because the sea is a new surprise in each wave, it is never the same.

Description of the activity

In San Sebastian there are the ideal conditions to beging and improve surfing. Zurriola beach in Gros neighborhood, is the adequate beach. It is an urban beach with two wave peaks, more powerful for more experienced surfers and softer waves for the novice.

The courses can be weekly classes distributed in 1 hr 15 minutes per day , Monday through Friday, or 1 hour 30 minutes per day. You can also do a two-week course.

The groups will be small, depending on whether you have already a previous level, no matter how elemental it would be and according to age. The youngest kids between 5 and 7 years old may be in groups of 3 children per monitor, those between 8 and 16 in groups of 4 to 6 participants per monitor, and those over 17 in groups of 6 students per monitor.

The price includes surfboard of adequate material and size, neoprene of adequate thickness for each season of the year, use of separate dressing rooms for women and men with hot showers, lockers and insurances.

The school has large and modern facilities. All the time you will be instructed by passionate certified instructors, whose main objective is that students learn about the sea, surfing, respect for the environment and that their behavior in and out of the water is civic, enjoying it to the fullest.

Surf classes in San Sebastian
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Surf classes in San Sebastian
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Surf classes in San Sebastian
Surf classes in San Sebastian
Surf classes in San Sebastian
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Things you should know
San Sebastián

1hs 15' o 1hs 30' per day, according to goup and level.
Total 6hs 25' or 7hs 50' per week.
1 to 2 weeks courses.

Min & Max persons:

Small groups from 3 to 15 participants.


Be in the place 15 minutes before the class so as to be ready.


Bring flip flops, a towel, sun cream and a swimming trunks or underwear to wear under the neoprene.


RC insurance and accident insurance.


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