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While you are staying a couple of days in San Sebastian, you’ll have the opportunity to visit a winery in La Rioja, a few kilometers away, and taste a wine directly in its origin. Rioja is the denomination which has given the wine its name. Just mention it, anywhere in the world, and everyone will know what we are talking about.

La Rioja wines bring with them a whole career in oenology. They are wines with a fruity aroma, made with Tempranillo and Garnacha grapes. The combination of the soil and the climate of the place has historically been perfect for its maturation, in oak barrels, so as to result in a delicate and unique flavor.

Besides combinig traditional San Sebastian pintxos with Rioja, with this tour to a winery you’ll get the great chance to appreciate how this delicious wine was born.

Description of the activity

So as to enjoy this activity the most, a private car will pick you up from your accomodation. We are going to head to the south, towards La Rioja region, whose landscapes will astonish us with their endless slopes covered with vineyards.

We will walk among the vines with a local guide, expert in the subject, who is going to explain us everything about how to care the plants and harvest process. For sure he will allow us to try a grape bunch anticipating the final taste of these wines.

We will visit the inside of the winery where barrels are stacked up and the different varieties are distilled, the classic red but also white and pink and, as a finishing bonus for the visit, you’ll be able to taste in La Rioja winery itself the true flavor of a good wine.

We might also walk around Laguardia , a medieval, walled village whose basements are inhabited by old wineries where La Rioja wines are still elaborated. Laguardia is listed as one of the most beautiful towns in the Iberian Peninsula. You’re about to check it out.

We can add to La Rioja winery trip a typical menu and conclude the day with the best taste we could ever imagined in our mouths, “chuletillas al sarmiento” (cutlets grilled on vine shoots) or “patatas a la riojana” (potatoes La Rioja style) with an elegant Rioja goblet. The flavor will be impregnated in the memory of your senses, forever.

Tour to a winery in La Rioja
Tour to a winery in La Rioja
Tour to a winery in La Rioja
Tour to a winery in La Rioja
tour to a winery in la rioja
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San Sebastián

8 hours.

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Small groups.


Wear comfortable clothes and shoes.


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