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Very close to San Sebastian you can do a tour to Biarritz and the French Basque coast. You will find overwhelming charm villages. The light-walled houses with colorful half-timbered architecture make for a dreamy postcard. Imposing cliffs of hard rock, alternate the coastal space with ancient ports from where the whaling ships used to set sail.

During this tour to Biarritz and French Basque coast, you will witness the pass of the time in unique historical downtowns. Walls, castles and cathedrals different styled and, in addition to all the things that you’re gonna see, you will get a delicious taste in your mouth after trying some inevitable local gourmet dish.

Moreover if you wish to have a revival of all this trip but from a different point of view, you’ll be able to complete the picture from another perspective. You may appreciate it from a jet ski trip.

Description of the activity

So as to enjoy this tour to Biarritz and the French Basque coast, we will pick you up from your accomodation in a private car where also will be your guide who is going to explain everything you’d like to know.

From San Sebastian we will cross to the borde city of Hendaya, witness of a big number of historical events all along the last 200 years. From there, following the Basque Corniche, we will approach to Bayonne.

At one side of this rocky coastline stands the extravagant observatory-abbey Castle. At the other side, the fortress Socoa, protectin the bay shared by Ciboure and San Juan de Luza city where time seems to have stood still centuries ago. With its traditional popular market, and a string of irresistible bakeries to smell.

Bayonne will put us over with its historical buildings and its quiet old downtown. Bayonne is also the French capital of chocolate. There is also a drying room, a museum and several shops with Bayonne ham.

Finally, Biarritz, the queen among the beaches in the area, chosen by people to spend their summer holidays. The city of roulettes and palatial hotels with movie glamor.

Eight kilometers inland separate Biarritz from the town of Bayonne. Located at the confluence of the Adur and Nive rivers, whose waters reflect Basque-style houses. Bayonne preserves very well its beautiful old town from where stand out the cathedral Gothic spiers and part of the walls which protected the village from pirates and corsairs.

Don’t loose the chance of visiting Biarritz and the Basque French coast during your stay in San Sebastian. We invite you to do it with profiting the company of a local guide and in private transportation. It will be an exclusive experience of which you’ll be able to speak with pride.

In this excursion through the cities and towns of the French coast, we can program a menu served with the exquisite Biarritz restaurants style.

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Things you should know
San Sebastián

8 hours.

Min & Max persons:

Small groups.


Wear confortable clothes and shoes.


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