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Wakeboard is a water activity which gathers some features of other water sports such as skiing, snowboarding and water skiing. As soon as you dare with this new modality during the first 15′ session wakeboard in Gipuzkoa, you will be seduced by the great peculiarities of this sport. Wakeboarding offers a wide range of possibilities in terms of tricks, postures and skills that you can develop with practice. We will have to go step by step, doing them thoroughly and ensuring the maneuvers to avoid problems. We will start with a 15′ session wakeboard in Gipuzkoa.

If you have already practiced some of the above mentioned sports you will take advantage of your previous experience understanding and achieving faster wakeboard command. In fact if you have already tried activities where you need to keep your balance while moving speedy on the water surface, it will be easier for you starting with this new kind of water sport. At the begining you’ll feel happy to profit of the effervescence produced by the motor boat and right away you will realize how practicing wakeboarding becomes more and more exciting. Sooner than later you will be eager for a little wind and broad swell, so as to fully enjoy risking some acrobatic attempts.

Activity description

For practising wakeboard in San Sebastian we approach to Hondarribia harbour, 30 minutes from the city. You will slide on the water holding a rope pulled by a jet ski that will be led by one of our instructors. The assigned instructor will be supervising the activity all the time and will be the responsible of turning your wakeboarding experience into an exclusive moment.

Wakeboard session lasts 15 minutes and the price of the activity “wakeboard” is 45 euros/person (TAX incluided). Get on one of our boards and let yourself go, try wakeboard, new and amazing aquatic experience. They will be one of the most exciting 15 minutes in your life. An avant-garde activity among your group of friends whom you will surprise, an activity in which you will probably long for doing progress and you should repeat. In the same establishment, you are more fond of ski rather than boards, you have the option to practice water ski too. We are looking forward to share this adventure with you!

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Things you should know

Activity is available between May 15th and September 15th.
From May 15 to June 15, except for special requests, it is only available on weekends.


15 minutes.

Min & Max persons:

Wakeboard is a single activity only for one person.


Minimum age to practice wakeboard is 6 years old with their parents authorization
Activity includes insurance.


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