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What is a first “Discover scuba dive”?

¿Are you passionated about everything related to scuba diving and want to dive in the sea depths? The best way to achieve it, is through this experience: “discover scuba diving”. A simple way to get into this exciting water activity.

Your first diving excursion will allow you to experience by yourself the feeling of breathing underwater while enjoying a wonderful aquatic environment. Always under professional supervision you’ll be taught in a dynamic and funny way all you need to know to explore the seabed.

Ready for scuba diving in San Sebastian

We shouldn’t hurry up in the idea of plunging into the sea, everything has its own process. The instructor will guide you all the time, giving you more and more independence while the immersion happens and while you are feeling more confortable underwater.

A scuba diving baptism is for sure the best way to get started in the deep-sea diving world. Joining this activity you will not get any certificate or degree related with scuba, this is just the first contact to start ourselves in this sport.

What does the activity consist of?

In order to dive underwater we will teach you some basic exercises. First we will test the diving equipment: suit, mask, fins, regulator, diving tank,… you will learn to use the equipment so as to enjoy every second of the trip.

We will explain the basics, safety regulations and the instructions that you must follow. Then we’ll take this theory into practice with a serial of subaquatic exercises before accomplishing your real discover scuba dive into the sea. The intructor will monitor the activity all the time and will explain what to do, and how to do it, every moment. Once you’ve got scuba diving basics, you’ll be ready to plunge into sea depths and discover the whole flora and fauna beauty inhabiting there.

How much does it cost?

The price of your first discover scuba diving in Spain is different depending on the place where you’re going to do the activity. The average is 50 euros per person.

If this is the first time you’re trying scuba diving, this is without hesitation the activity you’re looking for. Let’s begin to dive with us! If you wish to hear all the news about the submarine world, we recommend you to visit the online magazine Buceoworld, where you’ll be able to find all kind of news, peculiar stuffs and information about this interesting aquatic sport.

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