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San Sebastian biking tour

The bicycle rhythm is the perfect one to travel through the world without missing anything. During San Sebastian biking tour you’ll be able to appreciate the whole city in only one day, without hurry, taking advantage of the wide network of “bidegorris” (bike paths) which crosses the most emblematic and beautiful neighborhoods. From a bicycle we’ll be able to breathe the sea air of the legendary San Sebastian bays, stretch our legs on the beach of La Concha, one of the most famous in the world, trace the coastal walk again by pedaling, and stop as many times as we wish neither worrying about a parking place nor wasting time. On the other hand, visiting San Sebastian with a biking tour will force us not to skip anything, neither the marine smell of fog and waves, nor the scent of the pintxos; neither the hooting of the wind among Chillida sculptures, nor the singing of the birds in the tree-lined walks or the old mansions gradens.

Donostia is just the perfect city for a biking tour. The network of bidegorris, which means “red path” because of this color they have been painted, spread out all along 30 km without slopes, a comfortable alternative that guarantees the best views for the whole family, all the ages, and regardless of athletic status. In recent years San Sebastián has emphasized the use of bicycles, there are many services dedicated to this as different and original option, as sustainable and healthy, to move around and visit the city and its surroundings. We can hire a guiding tour and during the cycling route, the guide, while accompanying us, will tell the history and main features of each highlight, otherwise, we could get a map with the bidegorris network at the tourist office, and make the tour on our own. If we don’t have our own bike, we could rent one.

Ideal way

From Donostia downtown we get on track along the riverside following Bizkaia promenade, breathing the pure air of the chestnut giants. Soon, if we cross Maria Christina bridge, we will find ourselves in front of the majestic Tabakalera building where cultural events of various disciplines are usually held. We continue our pleasant course along the estuary, heading through Frantzia promenade, feeling us delighted in front of elegant palatial villas until the next bridge, Santa Catalina, which gives entrance to the cosmopolitan and gothic Gros neighborhood. From here, where the bustle of the bars will be confused with the murmur of the sea breeze, it will be perhaps time to take a brief gastronomic break. A little further on, escorted by the Victoria Eugenia Theater and the María Cristina Hotel, we’ll reach Zurriola Bridge with its lampposts designed as lighthouses greeting the confluence of the Urumea and Cantabrian Sea.

Enjoying a bike tour in San Sebastian, Spain

On our right side, we access to the bidegorri that flows into Zurriola beach, leaving aside the imposing picture of the Kursaal, another symbolic building of Donostia. In this beach, at any time and throughout the whole year, sunny days and even rainy, surfing is practiced. It is a good place to stop and contemplate the immensity of the sea, an alternative beach, attended by people of all ages and crowned by a dove of peace.

We go back to the promenade towards “La Concha” beach and continue pedaling, in a pleasant way, following the coastal contour to the “Peine del Viento, famous and interesting sculpture by Eduardo Chillida nestled among the rocks where the waves and the wind let on their passions.

Through the bidegorris we can make a visit to the Real Sociedad football stadium, Anoeta, or from the Topo station in Errekalde, we might continue to Zubieta through Lasarte and go on along the left bank of the Oria river. We would cross the Herrera neighborhood to pass through the district of Antxo, in Pasaia, and then to Errenteria where we can visit its medieval historical center. Next, we’d follow the course of the Oiartzun River, guided by Arditurri “Via Verde”-greenway- signs. In addition to pedaling at river rhythm, we will find hamlets and remains of old mills. The bidegorris network of San Sebastián is in continuous development, however, there are still small unfinished sections to join important neighborhoods.

San Sebastian biking tours may be planned longer or shorter depending on the enthusiasm of the participants. San Sebastian is a suitable starting point to start other longer crossings since, from here, it is possible to engage with Vías Verdes -Greenways- long haul. In this territory there was one of the densest narrow-gauge railway networks in the entire Iberian Peninsula, more than 180 km of them have been conditioned to cycle, transporting us in time to meet the history, culture and nature of this beautiful territory. One of the closest is Bidasoa’s, along the Bidasoa River, through the old mining train route that used to link Elizondo with Irún and with an imperceptible slope.

There is much more to do by bicycle from San Sebastián, contact us, let’s travel together this wonderful city, we’ll take you to the best places and your biking tour will be as pleasant as amazing.

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